Kimberly Denman Inc. was launched in 2015 in Los Angeles by Interior designer and art collector Kimberly Denman Rebuffel.


Kimberly Denman Rebuffel, with a degree from Colorado State, started her interior design career in the Bay area with her own firm at the age of 28. After 20 years spent designing residential projects mostly in California and being the creative visionary of a now closed brick and mortar gallery, Kimberly decided to start a new experience designing and manufacturing a line of furniture in conjunction with her residential design firm.

Delving in her experience with new furniture as an interior designer, Continental antiques and both European and American 20th century furniture as a buyer for Habite and with a strong European influence having spent time there with her husband Laurent Rebuffel , the line was created over a few years. In 2015, style icon Jean De Merry asked Kimberly to join his roster of artisans and be represented in his showrooms (LA, NYC, Dallas and Chicago). In 2016, the line was introduced in the amazing De Sousa Hughes showroom in San Francisco.


The adventure brought her to open a small space to house a small group of high skilled craftmen here in Los Angeles.

She uses well constructed  solid hardwood frames; the springs are hand tied and the seat cushions are feather and down wrapped foam. She prides herself in the quality of her frames. The cuts have to be perfect for the longevity of the furniture, there are no staples to hold it together, the secondary woods are quality alder. Our metal work is done using solid brass, stainless steel or bronze. She does not like plating and requires all the metal to be authenticated. The finishes are all hand done focusing on the depth of the color and texture. Having the proximity of these artisans allows her to have a better control over the production quality and details but more importantly let’s her be more creative with new designs using years of experience from the artisans.


Her focus in on ease and comfort with beautiful, quality materials, attention to details and elegance. Each upholstered piece is as beautiful from the back, the sides or the front such a her Alcyon sofa, Cigar or Proteus just to name a few. Her time spent in Europe and a certain joie de vivre pushes her to create pieces where her clients will spend time, either reading and drinking coffee (a very important part of the day to be ready to be creative) or socializing over a glass of wine or cocktails (equally important part of her day to unwind). Dining chairs were created in the hope that people will stay longer around the table may be even enjoying an after dinner drink inspired by her European experiences.

Yet, it needs to be sexy, chic and a little intemporel. Having spent a lot of time dealing in antiques and restoring quite a few, she also imagines her pieces being passed through and in turn be reupholstered and given a new life down the road. This is why she is uncompromising on the quality of the craftsmanship to the point of may be obsessiveness...

Being able to customize pieces is also in her mind when designing, as she well knows that each residence has very specific needs.


Her interior design career has allowed her to work on major houses from the ground up, researching everything from European roof tiles, wood aged in the Mississipi rivers, architectural elements and pottery through out France and being able to provide just the right piece of lighting or furniture. Each project, just like her line incorporates all of the element of what is her life philosophy: conviviality, comfort, a sense of subdued luxury mostly through the quality of the finishes and fabrics, peace for certain rooms and elegance in others.

Her keen eye for art and sculpture that she developed from an early age makes each one of her interiors more interesting, chic and yes again sexy.

Focused for the last 15 years on 20th century abstracts and sculptures, Kimberly guides her clients to collect things they love. She loves the educational part which at times goes both ways as she has worked with savvy collectors who taught her a lot as well.

"An interior is the natural projection of the soul" is one of Kimberly’s favorite quotes by Coco Chanel. As she guides her client, she pushes them to discover a little of themselves to transform what is “a project” into a home, a very rewarding process (albeit challenging).



Kimberly Denman is represented by the Jean De Merry showrooms in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago.

And by De Sousa Hughes showroom at the San Francisco Design Center.